Sunday, November 2, 2008

So we are flying out HOPEFULLY on TUES to BWI & we'll see Allie, Jenn & Michael Dodson & the new little one in her tummy :)
I'm so excited I've had a glass of wine to settle down & hope it helps me sleep.

I'm all packed. Went on AirTran webpage and saw that they only allow ONE CHECKED bag & one carryone & one personal. OMGoodness, thank GOD i checked. So Kenny was pitching a fit, cuz his carry on was a lovely VERA BRADLEY rolling duffel.

So I've had to switch it with Steven's I have a coordinating Turqouise set to match. VB is very expensive & I just cant see putting it below the plane. So I've got some carryon's ;)

We'll be in TX till DEC 3 & I promise to bring my camera.
and update the blog as much as possible

tomorrow I have to square away Maggies boarding & talk with the neighbors about taking care of the cat & turtles and fish when KEn comes out on the 19th. I'm so glad he's taking time. My parents are celebrating 25years of marriage. WHOO HOO!

The World Travelers
audra & the boys

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

uuggghhh, just typed on this blog & it deleted it. ggrrr. I'll figure it out later, it's late & I'll catch ya'll up tomorrow

Sunday, June 29, 2008

it's been FOREVER!

Sorry it's been so long, kinda forgotten about it. Will try harder to keep up.
What's been going on in our lives.....
We just finished a week of VBS....
I'm homeschooling the boys now. With LifePac 2 & 7. Lovin' it. The Dodd's school here was just not cutting the mustard. Too many headaches with the teachers and too many phone calls of them not being an adult and telling the child what to do! So now the boys are happy and well slept and focus on school work more. The house is peaceful.
Ken is working in Mannheim again. We are still here till 2009 (Sept'ish)He's hit his 20 years and wants to stay in. So OK....
Me, I'm the same, next year I'll be the "Home school Liasion" for PWOC. I enjoy serving on the board. And I'll busy with the home school. We are finally on summer break this week. YAHOO! I'm so proud of them. We basically started 7th and 2nd grade over in March. They really buckled down and did a full year of school in what... 31/2 months.
We'll start up again in Sept.

The boys and I are going to TX for the month of NOV ;) YIPEE. There is a PWOC conference 13-16 NOV and my girlfriends are all meeting there. Can't wait. We flyin on the 5th & I'll spend the rest of NOV with family and celebrate thanksgiving at home;) We are saving all our money to go.

Other than that not much...the boys want to sign up for fall tackle football & flag football & soccer, Kenny got a set of drums for his birthday *lovely* and Steven wants a guitar. We'll be just a normal VanTrapp family. Steven earned his Wolf badge in scouts & now he's working on his Bear badge. I'll be the Den Leader again. It's fun, keeps me young. Cub Scout Day Camp is in Aug. Ken goes for an MRI next week, he has not been able to run for the last few months and they say it's his sciatica (sp?) but he goes to the gym and does the elliptical. We are buying one for the house next week... I need to get my fat butt on one :)

Germany lost the European Soccer Tournament. So Sad *tear sniff* they were all so excited.

It's been a nice quiet weekend. This next weekend, is 4th of July, we'll take the boys and Werner and Liesel to the German American Fest in Mannheim. Maybe grill a little.

I started South Beach again last week.. ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH. 1st week is always hard. Plus with buying the elliptical should come off fast. I pray.

The Lord has been good to us, we've been well and happy. Cant complain. Love it here, but ready for a break in NOV ;) still waiting to see what comes next for Ken and his career.
Keep TX in prayer. We want to get back home. We'll see. So many opportunities are coming available;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Curtis family grows again & again!

Don't get excited. We've only just adopted 3 water turtles.

This one is named Calypso. She LOVES to sunbathe

This one below, is the small male named Sparky
* & believe me he is frisky*

This female playing peek a boo is OJ
named after Kenny's Turtle in TN
Odessa Jr.
she's shy

Here is a better picture of Sparky (L) and OJ (R)

They have adapted well. We can sit for hours & watch them.
We don't have TV, so basically this is what we do is sit & watch
the turtles.

Now we have adopted the Dodson Fish. SHHHH Ken doesn't know yet.
She's moving & gave tme the tank & all, so instead of being turtle food, i'll put their tank next to the turtle tank. When I set it up I'll take pictures & send them.

God is good

As you know I've started a local ministry thru PWOC called Prayer Walks. Every day starting at 1pm, we walk for about an hour & pray for the community, soldiers & families & any other prayer requests.

Sunday i woke with the flue & it just progressed worse thru the day. Monday I emailed who I could to let them know I couldn't be there.

I gave it to GOD. I'ts not my ministry but HIS! & Devil you are not Welcome here so GET OUT!

I found out today that everyday this week, ladies have been walking & praying & carrying on! God is Good!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prayer Walks

We are having a great time in the prayer walks.